Daniels announces job creation by nine companies

Gov. Mitch Daniels

Nine companies have announced thousands of new jobs to be created in Indiana in the coming years.

Governor Mitch Daniels announced the jobs plan Tuesday, saying the companies expect to create nearly 2,600 jobs over the next few years, generating $148 million for the state.

"We've added jobs at nearly twice the national average for the past three years, but we have seen a significant surge of new interest in the past several months. The best holiday gifts the state could receive are these jobs, but today's bundle is not the last for this year. Stand by for more," Daniels said.

The companies announcing new job plans Tuesday included Angie's List (Indianapolis), Atwood Mobile Products (Elkhart), BidPal, Inc. (Indianapolis), Brunswick Fort Wayne Operations, ExactTarget (Indianapolis), Inventure Foods (Bluffton) and Moorehead Communications.

Also, Mitsubishi Engine North America will begin manufacturing turbochargers for automobiles in a new plant in Franklin. Phoenix-based Cafe Valley, Inc., a producer of baked goods, plans to build a new facility on the site of the former Thompson Consumer Electronic site in Marion. That facility will open in 2014 with approximately 100 employees and create up to 400 new jobs by the end of 2018.

The state has offered the companies conditional, performance-based tax credits and training grants. The companies will not be able to claim the incentives until Hoosiers are hired to the positions.

Jobs don't always pan out

The job commitments are good news for Indiana, that's potentially 2,500 jobs that could have gone somewhere else. But despite the best of intentions, the jobs don't always come.

13 Investigates discovered big announcements about jobs made by the state didn't work out. Our Eyewitness News investigation found as many as 40 percent of jobs announced by state leaders do not become reality.

State officials are very optimistic about the nine projects announced Tuesday, but they admit when companies announce job projections, those numbers are rarely right on target.

"One thing I can assure you is, their projections are wrong. They'll either be high or they'll be low when all said is done and, you know, that's business. Business is unpredictable and sometimes they'll be on the high side in terms of the hires they have and sometimes they'll be on the low side," said .

The jobs announced Tuesday do come with a price tag. The state will pay out more than $31 million to the companies if they create all the jobs they're expecting. State leaders say if companies fall short, they won't get most of that money.

So far this year, Indiana has taken back more than $5 million from companies that got state incentives, but did not create the jobs they promised.

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