Dallas sportscaster slams Indy fans for booing Andrew Luck

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck leaves the field following the team's NFL preseason football game against the Chicago Bears, Saturday, Aug. 24, 2019, in Indianapolis. Chicago won 27-17. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

DALLAS (WTHR) — A Dallas sportscaster is making headlines again for speaking his mind.

Dale Hansen is the weeknight sports anchor for the ABC Dallas affiliate, WFAA. Hansen doesn't shy away from speaking his mind and shares his commentary with his video series, "Dale Hansen: Unplugged."

Hansen posted his latest commentary Monday night to share his thoughts news that shocked the sports world: Andrew Luck's retirement.

Hansen was quick to point out the many injuries the 29-year-old quarterback had in his short career but heavily criticized the fans at the Colts game Saturday evening who booed Luck as he walked off the field.

"How stupid do you have to be? How bad does your life have to be that you think booing Andrew Luck or even criticizing him, as some guy on FOX did, is somehow the right response?" Hansen said. "Some people are just too stupid to breathe the same air we all breathe, and a lot of them live in Indiana."

Hansen has used his "Unplugged" series to share his thoughts on issues such as school shootings, LGBTQ rights, kneeling during the national anthem, racism, building a wall at the border, and domestic violence.

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