Cyclist killed, another injured in Hamilton Co. crash


Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Hamilton County - One cyclist was killed and another was seriously injured in a crash on 236th Street Wednesday.

A car and the two cyclists were all traveling westbound when it happened. The crash shut down part of 236th Street west of Cicero for several hours.

"One bicyclist is confirmed dead at the scene. The other bicyclist was transported via Lifeline to Methodist Hospital with head injuries," said Dep. Vicky Duncan, Hamilton County Sheriff's Department.

Police say Carmel resident Gary Baugh, 59, was killed. The injured cyclist has been identified as 67-year-old Michael Kenniff of Carmel.

The part of 236th Street where the crash occurred is two lanes with corn fields on both sides. Nancy Miller, 69, of Sheridan, was driving the red Cadillac that struck the bikers. The impact broke the windshield and passenger side headlight.

Miller's family came to the scene to retrieve her dog and personal belongings from the car. Dep. Duncan said there were no braking marks on the road from the vehicle.

There were two eyewitnesses to the crash. Investigators say they saw everything. "Should have had a clear shot of and clear view of the accident. So hopefully they can provide us with additional information that could help us," said Duncan.

In addition to the statements from two witnesses, investigators hope to learn more about what happened from the Hamilton County crash reconstruction team.

"They will take photographs, measurements, do a scale diagram of the accident and try to put the pieces of the puzzle back together," said Duncan.

Deputies warn both bicyclists and drivers to stay alert to avoid tragic accidents like this one.