Customers searching for belongings after Tuchman Cleaners locations close

Tuchman Cleaners sign. (WTHR Staff)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — The sudden closure of several dry cleaners around central Indiana is causing some confusion for Hoosiers who want to know where their clothes are.

The last three Tuchman Cleaners locations closed a couple of weeks ago in Zionsville, Avon and Plainfield. Several people say the dry cleaning company still had belongings they were supposed to pick up.

Our news gathering partners at the Lebanon Reporter say the Zionsville location directed customers to the Plainfield location once it closed. But then the Plainfield location closed.

There was a note on the door directing customers to Fabric Care Cleaners in Brownsburg. Business Development Manager James Belt said his store had taken the dry cleaning from the Zionsville, Avon and Plainfield Tuchman locations.

It was an effort for customers at those locations to get their clothes back. Belt said he has items that had been stored in all three locations. Anyone missing items from those locations can call Belt at 317-224-3212.

While people are free to pick up their items and arrange for further services, Belt said Fabric Care won't be able to provide compensation for missing items or handle complaints directed at Tuchman Cleaners.

"We are not Tuchman Cleaners and I cannot speak for the organization," Belt told the Lebanon Reporter. He said his business took in the extra clothes as a professional courtesy.