Cubs' David Bote helps Indiana couple with gender reveal


MESA, Ariz. (WTHR) — Two Cubs fans are ready to welcome their baby girl to the world after getting some help from infielder David Bote.

Megan and Kyle Zabst were attending a Cubs spring game Tuesday with a sign that read, "Batter up! Take a swing at our gender reveal." Kyle had a powder-filled baseball with him. They only needed someone to swing at it and reveal whether it would be pink or blue powder inside.

Bote was up for the task. The couple said they thought it was a boy, then Kyle tossed the ball to Bote, who hit it and pink powder exploded.

The couple, whose Facebook pages say they live in Elwood, Indiana, embraced in a long hug. Bote, who NBC Sports reports is a father of two girls himself, congratulated the couple afterward.

Megan posted on Facebook, saying the couple would have a "future Olympian coming soon to USA Softball."

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