Crumbling bridge to close Keystone Ave. for weeks


INDIANAPOLIS - A major artery on the northeast corridor will be closed indefinitely after Monday morning's rain.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) closed the bridge on northbound Keystone Avenue at Woodfield Crossing Blvd. (north of 80th Street). It was significantly weakened during heavy downpours and flooding.

"The bottom of the bridge literally fell out. It's crumbling. Unsafe for passengers, unsafe for travel," said DPW spokesperson Molly Deuberry.

Drivers heading home Monday met roadblocks on northbound Keystone Avenue at 71st Street due to the washed out bridge.

"I just got on the road. It took awhile to get on the road," said one driver.

The detour around the bridge added several minutes to the evening commute.

"Real tough trying to get around. But we made it. Just as long as we're safe," said a driver.

"It happens. You can't plan the rain and, you know, you're going to have to figure out a way to deal with it," said another.

The Department of Public Works says drivers could be dealing with the repair of the bridge for several weeks.

"We could absolutely be looking at a month. We could be looking at a month, maybe two. We will certainly do our best to expedite it," Deuberry said.

"Can't do nothing about it, I guess. I don't know, it's such a's Keystone, you know. We need Keystone," a driver said.

"Oh no. That's not good. We'll have to find an alternate path, so it doesn't take so long next time," said another driver.

Deuberry says even though the northbound side of the bridge is crumbling, the southbound side has been inspected and is stable.

While the bridge was the most visible sign of Monday's flooding, water remained high on several streets. Much of the flooding was due to plugged inlets, which were being cleared Monday afternoon by United Water and city workers, in case of more rain.

"We do encourage residents, take a look at your neighborhoods. Take a look at where those spots are and brush the debris aside with your foot or with a broom. Try not to come in contact with it with your hand," Deuberry said.

Detour Route for Washed Out Bridge on Keystone

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works has provided the following detour route for northbound Keystone Avenue at Woodfield Crossing Blvd.

From northbound Keystone, route to 71st Street to Allisonville Road, Allisonville Road to 82nd Street, and then back over to Keystone. Signage will be placed shortly.

The detour will be in place until bridge design and repair can be completed. The City is beginning work on a design for bridge replacement immediately.

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