Cruise ship nightmare ends with hundreds rescued, dozens injured


NORWAY (WTHR) — It was a nightmare at sea as a cruise ship full of American and British passengers were caught in the middle of a violent storm.

Passengers, furniture and plants were thrown around as the "Viking Sky" ship rocked back and forth after getting hit with waves more than 26 feet high.

Eventually, hundreds of passengers had to be rescued by helicopter when the captain declared a mayday after the ship's engines went out.

"And I said that if we were going to go down together, we're going together," said evacuated passenger Robyn Pierpoint.

"I think the scary part was that you couldn't see the helicopter," evacuated passenger Mike Pierpoint added. "You could hear it, but you couldn't see it."

More than two dozen passengers were hurt, one critically.

Norwegian Cruise Line officials were left wondering why the luxury liner kept on sailing despite a weather warning.

They've now launched their own investigation.