Crew proudly works 365 days a year to maintain NYC's 9/11 Memorial site

Clarence Anthony Morris maintains the 9/11 Memorial and its 2,983 names. (NBC News photo)

NEW YORK (WTHR) - It's delicate work that happens while most of us are sleeping.

Clarence Anthony Morris works the overnight shift to keep the 9/11 Memorial and its 2,983 names looking pristine.

"Seeing names over and over and knowing who was where and wondering what their life was like, what their loved ones love about them," Morris said.

Using a blowtorch, a brush and polishing wax, Morris has an artist's touch and an New Yorker's heart.

"It's a bit heavy at times, knowing how many people are here and knowing how many people are counting on this place looking good," he said.

It's all worth it, he says, when family members approach him and his colleagues to say thanks.

"I feel proud to do what I do," said Pedro Almanzar. He has tears in his eyes as he remembers meeting a victim's mother.

"She said can I hug you? And she said thank you for the work you are doing over here," Almanzar said. "And I thought it's important what I'm doing."

Methodically circling the south pool, Almanzar wipes off water, fingerprints, dust and pollen. He's always smiling, knowing that the work he does here matters.

More than three million people visit the museum every year, and many more walk by the memorial, so the work here continues, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to keep the names as vivid as the memories.

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