Crash victim recalls dangerous scene around Comcast work trucks


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - One of the drivers in a viral video showing slide-offs and crashes around a Comcast truck parked on the side of the road is expressing her frustration over the incident.

A man recorded the video in the 8300 block of West Morris Street Tuesday.

"There's four cars that have flown off the road because you guys are parked right in the middle," the man told one of the workers in the video.

You can hear the frustration in his voice and see it in his video.

"Another one flew in right over here," he said.

He shot wreck after wreck on his cell phone, trying to stop them before they happened.

Wednesday, evidence of the treacherous conditions remained, with many tire tracks still carved in the snow.

"Here goes! Watch out Luella! Watch out everyone, I'm tellin' ya!" the man said in the video.

Seconds later, a pick-up truck, unable to stop, hits the back of Katie Kottardis' car.

"I'm good, just a little sore up in here," she said Wednesday, pointing to her shoulders.

She says seconds before impact, "out of nowhere, I notice a guy yelling, 'Watch out!' on the other side of the road. Then I just got hit."

Even more frustrating for Katie, the pick-up truck that hit her went on to clip a tree, then just "took off," she said.

"That was the worst part of it. He didn't even...and the cable company didn't even ask if I was okay, either," she said.

What role the cable company may have played in the slick road accidents would be up to police to decide. Katie says the Comcast crew left before police arrived.

Back to the man's video, he asks the cable company workers if they "want to put your truck in the driveway or something, because people are sliding off down there."

The crew was parked in the westbound lane of Morris while they repaired roadside equipment.

On camera, the man tells the workers, "I think this is going to get bad over there. People pop up over the hill and they can't see you. All right, there's another slide off."

Angela Beaver, who witnessed the crashes from her home nearby, said "It was horrible. It was pretty bad."

She watched crash after crash and said the cable crew should have put out more traffic cones further up the road to alert drivers earlier. She said the crew seemed as though "they were just frustrated, too, because somebody got hit before. Somebody hit the box down there."

On camera, Comcast crewmen told bystanders the passing drivers were going too fast for the snowy, slick conditions. They said they put out the right number of traffic cones for the speed limit and explained why they had the right lane closed while they worked on a cable box just off the shoulder of the road.

One of the workers tells the man, "I need as much stuff to keep people out of the way so that I don't get hit."

Basically, using their trucks as shields.

"I'm just glad the truck that hit me went off to the left instead of the right side where everyone was. Because it could've been a lot worse," Katie said.

Police are still looking for the runaway driver who hit her. If you have information, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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