Cow and her newborn calf rescued after being trapped by flood

(Photo provided)

SEYMOUR, Ind. (WTHR) - Heavy rain and flooding led to a daring water rescue of a mother cow and her calf Thursday in Seymour.

(Photo provided)

The mother, Loni, went out to pasture earlier this week and gave birth, but the area quickly flooded two days later.

Michael Sciano and his son Gus discovered the cows trapped when they came home Thursday afternoon.

“The water was up really high and we found a cow and a calf, her newborn calf, stuck out there on the last dry spot,” said Michael.

The two used a plastic snow sled and waded out about 100 yards to get to the cows.

“The water was coming up really fast so we knew the window was closing,” said Michael.

“When we finally got out there, it was super cold. Your legs wouldn’t move and it was really deep,” said Gus.

After about 45 minutes, they were able to rescue the pair of cows. They needed to dry off under a heat lamp, but are doing alright.

The family named the calf 'Noah' after his flooding ordeal.

"We felt pretty good at the end. We felt like we had accomplished something and came in and took really hot showers," Michael said.

The Sciano family raises a dozen goats and more than 30 miniature Hereford cows in a labor of love that is more of a hobby than a business.

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