COVID-19 closures force Indiana dairy farm to dump excess milk


FORT BRANCH, Ind. (WTHR) — As the United States attempts to flatten the curve amid the COVID-19 crisis, schools and restaurants have have closed.

The closure is causing one dairy farm in Indiana to dump all its excess product due to a decrease in demand.

"Many grocery stores are currently limiting the amount of milk a consumer can purchase, which leaves all the supply, but no demand to keep processing our products," Obert Farms wrote on its Facebook page.

The post is accompanied with an image of a truck dumping milk into the farm's waste storage lagoon.

"Please, purchase an extra gallon of milk to share with a neighbor or donate to the local food pantry. We are so incredibly proud of the milk we produce at our farm to help feed our country, seeing it being wasted is heartbreaking," the post says.