Court to decide successor to Indiana secretary of state

Charlie White

The Indiana Supreme Court will decide who should be Indiana's Secretary of State. Both sides argued the case before the court Wednesday morning.

From the time the five justices from the Indiana Supreme Court sat down, the presenters found themselves peppered with questions.

Democrats argued Charlie White's candidacy was illegal because he was improperly registered to vote. They are asking that Democratic second-place finisher Vop Osili be certified as Secretary of State.

White was removed from office this month after being convicted of voter fraud.

The state countered, arguing White's felony conviction had nothing to do with the civil case and therefore Gov. Mitch Daniels should be allowed to appoint his successor.

"I thought they asked a lot of good questions and as far as I am concerned from my point of view, the better questions they ask the more likely we are to win because we are right on the law," said David Brooks, attorney.

"As I kept trying to emphasize, the difference between this case was Charlie White was required to be registered to vote. We maintain he had to be legally registered to vote," said Karen Celestino Horseman, attorney for the Indiana Democratic Party.

Osili, meantime, commented on the arduous process.

"This is a question of faith right now. It is a matter of leaving it completely in God's hands and that is what has given myself, my friends, my family the ability to move forward," he said.

Wednesday's hearing took an hour. The justices posed several hypothetical questions about how White's situation might be applied to ordinary voters who live in one place and vote in another.