Court documents show shifting stories by mother and man in the killing of a toddler

Kira Fear, 19, and Tyree Resnover, 21 (Marion County Jail booking photos)
Differing stories in baby's death 6pm
Toddler death investigation
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2 arrested in toddler's death
2 arrested in baby's death

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Court records show shifting stories told by a mother and a man now charged in the killing of her toddler son.

Dontrell Mcclung (Photo: Richard Fear)

Twenty-one-year-old Tyree Resnover and 19-year-old Kira Fear are facing preliminary charges of Neglect of a Dependent Causing Death in connection to the death of 16-month-old Dontrell McClung.

Court records show Resnover and Fear both claimed the boy had fallen down the stairs.

Their stories differed on the circumstances surrounding the alleged fall.

During an autopsy, it was found blunt force trauma was the cause of the death. The doctor determined the trauma did not come from falling down the stairs. Instead, the autopsy determined bruises over the boy's body came from fingers or knuckles and the trauma to his head came from "a single rage incident."

The court document also shows Resnover showed video of Dontrell to police, in which the officer said the toddler "doesn't look right, punch drunk and a faraway stare." The boy seems to be trying to give Resnover kisses.

A search of Resnover's phone found searches for "what is the sign of a concussion for a baby" and "my baby's hands a leg are locking." The couple also reportedly did a Google search on how to get to the nearest hospital and visited the website

The investigation began after officers were called to an area near Keystone Avenue and Kessler Boulevard just after 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. There they found an ambulance had been flagged down by people asking for help.

Indianapolis EMS paramedics called police after they "immediately observed bruising from head to toe" on the baby. Minutes later, medics pronounced the 16-month-old child dead.

Homicide detectives responded to the scene, where they learned the child had been inside an Airbnb rental in the 6000 block of Primrose Avenue.

The details of the boy's death and what his mother and her boyfriend did are outlined in the court documents, including why the couple were spending the night at the Airbnb. They had a friend help them rent the house to get away from home for a couple of days.

Airbnb owner Andrew Stone is sad about what happened to the 16-month-old inside his property.

Stone found a cell phone left behind in the covers in one of the bedrooms. It reportedly belongs to Resnover who actually rented the property online through an Airbnb company that Stone relies on for customers.

“Whether it be Indiana or California, we don't want people like that being able to book, come to people's houses, do whatever they want to do and then leave, so that is our big concern," Stone said.

Stone learned from his neighbors that during this particular rental time, there was a lot of traffic in and out of the house Tuesday, starting around 9 p.m. Kira Fear apparently left behind several baby items in the home, including diapers and baby toys.

The little boy's grandfather posted photos online of them together with captions reading "Rest In Peace." The post indicate some of his relatives are residents of Marion, Indiana.

Both the mother and her boyfriend lawyered up, according to the court documents and left the police station during questioning about what happened to Dontrell at the house. Officers eventually obtained arrests warrants for the couple.

Police reportedly took Fear and Resnover into custody at the coroner’s office, where they had gone to view the boy's body.

The couple is scheduled for their initial hearing next Tuesday.