Court decision will give Hoosiers more early voting access


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — An early voting lawsuit has ended and the result is making it easier for Hoosiers to vote early.

Yesterday, Federal Judge Sarah Evans Barker issued an order approving a total of six early voting satellite locations in Marion County for the 2018 general election — five satellite locations and the Clerk’s Office in the City-County Building.

“We brought this lawsuit because Marion County voters deserve the same access to early voting as voters in neighboring counties," Common Cause Indiana Policy Director Julia Vaughn said. "We are pleased that the Election Board is willing to go beyond what Judge Barker ordered and instead of having only two additional satellite locations, the number will increase to five. This means that early voting will be far more accessible in Marion County and that is a big win for voters in this community.”

President of the Indianapolis NAACP Branch 3053, Chrystal Ratcliffe, said that access to early voting, or lack thereof has disproportionately impact on African-American voters.

"Voter suppression efforts like this have no place in our county and we are proud to have been part of the effort to expand voting access. We’ll be working hard in the coming months to ensure that all voters who want to cast an early in-person ballot understand that the City-County Building is no longer the only option available.”