Couples wait for chance to achieve dream of adoption

Four-year-old Hope was adopted Wednesday in Noblesville. (WTHR/Kevin Rader)

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - Literally hundreds of couples in central Indiana are hoping for the opportunity to expand their family through adoption.

That is why Tuesday's news of an abandoned baby in Seymour put chills through literally every one of them.

It's hard to know what was going through a 4-year-old girl's mind as she walked out of the Hamilton County Courthouse and into a new life. The girl, Hope, had just been adopted.

Just a few miles away, Lacey and Eric play with their new adopted puppy, Logan. All three are anxiously awaiting they day they can bring an adopted child home.

"It's difficult. You are always waiting for that phone call. We could get a phone call tomorrow, it could be a year, so we always have to be ready," Lacey said as she and her husband Eric talked in the living room of their Fishers home.

They have been waiting since December of last year. That is why what happened in Seymour when a baby was abandoned really hits home.

"There are so many couples like us we have met in adoption class that we are ready and we have the means. This is our life dream and we are just waiting. It's just devastating. Hard to hear in general, but being in our position it's even harder," Lacey admitted.

"There are hundreds of families for every one child to adopt. Hundreds of families waiting to adopt. To shower these babies with love and secure, loving stable environment to thrive in," Grant Kirsh, an adoption attorney with Kirsh and Kirsh law firm said.

So many families are waiting for the day they can fly their adoption day balloons and take pictures of their new family. They just need the opportunity.

"We cannot wait for that day until we are parents," Eric said.

"We are so ready for the next chapter of our life and that next chapter is filled with children. We want at least two kids. We want a boy and a girl. We want to give them a puppy," Lacey said.

She and Eric want anyone considering placing their child to know there is another life out there anxiously waiting for that child.

"It can be done without the public spotlight on them. It can be done confidentially," Kirsh explained.

Which means there is hope out there for everyone if you just take the chance. Wednesday, a little four-year-girl named Hope proved it.

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