Couples' final days captured in aid-in-dying video


(WTHR) — After 66 years of marriage, a terminally ill Oregon couple decided to die together in their bed on April 20, 2017, KING5 reported.

Francie Emerick, 88, and Charlie Emerick, 87, had always been supportive of Oregon's medical aid-in-dying law also known as Death With Dignity Law, which allows people to obtain lethal prescriptions, according to KING5. Oregon was the first state to legalize such a law.

Francie went first, dying 15 minutes before her beloved who had suffered from prostate cancer and Parkinson's disease.

“They had no regrets, no unfinished business,” said Sher Safran, 62, one of the pair’s three grown daughters. “It felt like their time, and it meant so much to know they were together.”

Before their deaths, the Emericks had agreed to let Sher and Rob Safran, founders of the Share Wisdom TV Network, record their final days.

“I think it can help change the way people think about dying,” Sher told KING5.

The result was an intimate 45-minute documentary that walks viewers through the couple's lives and their decision to end things the way they did.

The couple decided against a funeral and instead donated their bodies to Oregon Heath and Science University for research.

Sher told KING5 she expects "strong reactions" toward the video that chronicles her parents last days but is happy with her decision because it honors her parents belief that "everyone should have a say in when and how they die."