Couple recovers stolen car, discovers it contains items stolen from others


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — "We're not the type of people that hold grudges. We just want to move on from the situation," says Allison Green, a young south side mother.

"I just want to make sure it’s not happening to anyone else."

Green told us the story of the theft of the family SUV from their driveway early Monday morning, hoping the story helps others.

It happened around south Meridian Street and Thompson Road Hours before, mom and dad were unloading their baby and 2-year-old from the car. It was time to get everybody to bed. A bag with a backpack containing a spare car key was accidentally left behind. That's all it took.

It was caught on the Green's home security camera.

"About 3 o'clock in the morning there were three young males who are in our neighbor's driveway and you see them coming into our driveway. They get into our car."

They find that spare key in no time, and while the family slept.

"They just turn the headlights on start the car and just drive away. They weren't afraid at all, it seems like."

When the couple discovered what had happened, they began to realize what had been lost, including kids car seats, and Green's husband's chef’s equipment.

"I was just shocked. My husband was really mad. We just thought it was really bold for someone to come into our driveway like that," she said.

Especially with security lights and security cameras on their driveway and others.

The next couple of days, they circled through nearby parking lots. Looking, just in case.

"And it happened to be parked right there on the street in a parking spot out in front of someone's apartment. We were happy but I was nervous at the same time. I know it’s not the best area."

They called 911.

"Inside the car, there was marijuana spread everywhere, crumbs. Probably 20 to 30 cigar wrappers. There were alcohol bottles. And there was a busted beer bottle in the backseat. There were burn holes on the passenger seat as well as a stolen hover board. A flat-screen TV and four or five pairs of Jordan tennis shoes," Green said. Stolen from some other victims, she figures.

Police are still looking for the suspects.

"To the parents of children out here doing this kind of thing, just keep an eye on what they’re doing," Green said.

She's pretty sure they were teens because just the night before, someone got into her neighbor's car, used their garage door opener and stole car keys from inside their neighbor’s house while they slept. She said when police stopped the car, a 13-year-old was driving.

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