Couple formerly of Indianapolis found murdered in Kentucky home


A couple formerly of Indianapolis was found murdered in their Kentucky home Friday.

Cristina McQuinn says her parents, John and Ada McQuinn, moved to Booneville, Kentucky from Indianapolis nine years ago. She found the victims dead in their home around noon.

McQuinn says her mother had suffered a stroke and couldn't walk. She told WLEX-TV in Lexington police are questioning her older sister Lynette, who goes by the name Renee, as part of the death investigation.

"I kicked her out a couple of nights ago, because she kept talking bad. She was going to tell the sheriff things and get away with it and we were trying to make her leave and she grabbed her stuff and took off like she was going to leave down the road and I guess she turned around and came back last night," McQuinn said. "I thought she was gone and she turned around and came back."

She says her sister recently checked out of a mental hospital and stopped taking medication.

Cristina says her mother was born in Kentucky, but her parents raised their children in Indianapolis before moving back south.

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