Couple delivers baby boy in the family car

Photo Provided: Carrie Hood

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Without the help of doctors or even 911 dispatchers, a Plainfield couple delivered their baby in an unplanned, unexpected place.

It seems their son didn't want to wait for the hospital.

When Bo Hood got into his car Tuesday, the morning rush took on a whole new meaning.

His pregnant wife felt something pop just before 6 a.m.

She wasn't due with their son, for another month.

"I had let my husband know my water just broke. We need to go to the hospital," Carrie Hood said. "And then it was game on."

"It was last-minute...we've go to go," Bo added. "Daughter Piper gets in the back seat. Get Carrie in the front seat. I get in and said, 'let's go'."

They had to make it to Community South in Greenwood from Plainfield.

Time and Carrie's contractions were getting tight.

Bo says his mind started to race and so did his car, as if I-465 was the Indy 500.

"I put my flashers on and I just went," he explained. "I pushed the car pretty far and I want to apologize to anyone I cut off or went around or made made and I hope people understand."

When they got off the exit at U.S. 31, things got serious.

"Her contractions," Bo said. "All of a sudden, the time I thought we had gets down to be like a minute. Then it gets to be 30 seconds."

"That's when I knew the contractions were too close together and I was not going to make it," Carrie said. "I told him we are having a baby in a car 'cause it's happening now."

"When I got to Banta Road," Bo added, "she says 'he's here!' And I said 'no he's not!' And she said, 'no he's coming! He's out!'"

After two pushes, the delivery was done, just as Bo pulled into a parking lot and called 911.

But their baby wasn't crying right away.

"He wasn't breathing," Carrie said. "His dad saw that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck."

"I got the umbilical cord wrapped off his neck and he started gurgling a little bit," Bo said.

Their son was breathing now but the Hoods needed that hospital.

After some confusion with the 911 dispatcher on their location, the family decided they couldn't wait.

So Bo sped off again and made it to the ER in five minutes.

"He went in to let them know that my wife just delivered a baby. They're in the car. And then I think I had about 20 nurses come out and greet me," Carrie said. "And of course it was a surprise for them!"

This roadside delivery was also a success.

Corbin Dallas Hood is a preemie and is being cared for in the NICU at Community Hospital South but he's healthy.

"He was five pounds, 15 ounces," Carrie said.

"I think he measured 19 inches," Bo added. "He's adorable so far. And he mostly looks like me! So he's got that going for him."

He also has quite a story to share of his birthday in the family car.

As you can imagine, that family car is a little worse for wear after their delivery.

Dad says he'll make sure Corbin knows that when he's older.

And Carrie's daughter, Piper, witnessed all of this from the back seat. She's only 8.

Carrie says after watching mom give birth, Piper told her, "Whenever I have children, I'm going to adopt."

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