Couple charged after children report having been locked in basement

Javier Connie Campos (Photos: Madison County Sheriff's Department)
Anderson neglect, abuse arrests
Child abuse arrests

ANDERSON, Ind. (WTHR) — Connie Campos says she didn't know about the allegations of sexual abuse against her husband Javier, but she doesn't deny locking their children in the basement of their Madison County home.

The basement windows of the home are covered. It’s where the kids say they were held, locked in with no water, no food and only a bucket to use instead of a bathroom.

At least one of the children says he was sexually abused.

The couple is charged with neglect. Javier also faces two counts of felony child molesting.

"I am done with guys. I have done that for too long. I tried to, wanted the relationship to work so bad, I just maybe overlooked things or not noticed things because I wanted the relationship to work," Connie admitted.

And while she admits to locking the kids in the basement, she says it was not what it seems.

"They told investigators they were frequently locked in the basement for discipline. I don't believe it was discipline. It may have a couple of hours at a time and I wasn't doing it to be mean. I wasn't thinking of it that way," she told Eyewitness News.

We asked how she was thinking of it.

"I was thinking getting into stuff they shouldn't be. Getting into stuff like that," she said.

Javier denies the charges and says he never abused the children.

"No, I never did," he said.

And Connie said that she wasn't in the home when any reported sexual acts took place.

"No, and if I was I was not aware of it. I knew nothing of that until two or three weeks ago. I'm telling you, I knew nothing," she said, wiping tears from her eyes.

"Mom should have protected her children and that happens far too often,” said Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings. “The mother should have protected her children. Any basement, day or night. Imagine how it has the appearance of darkness. Can you imagine what those kids are going through and thinking at the time? Can you imagine how these kids feel every time a parent leaves? The anxiety of having to deal with that on a daily basis? Very discouraging."

The children are in foster care.

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