Couple caught having sex in back of patrol car after DUI arrests

Seth Aaron Thomas, left and Megan Lynn Mondanaro were arrested after a sheriff's deputy caught them having sex in the back seat of his patrol car. (Photos: Nassau County, Florida Sheriff's Office)

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. (WTHR) — A Florida police officer caught a man and woman with their clothes off in the back seat of his patrol vehicle after he arrested them for DUI Friday.

Megan Lynn Mondanaro, 35, and Set Aaron Thomas, 31, got pulled over after they were riding their bikes without lights and were nearly hit by a car, WTLV reports.

A Nassau County, Florida sheriff's deputy said he could smell alcohol on them and their eyes were bloodshot, along with having slurred speech. When asked to perform a sobriety test, the deputy said Thomas did them poorly and showed signs of impairment.

The deputy put them in his back seat, and while he was outside, they reportedly undressed and started having sex. When the deputy opened the door to stop them, the woman had her pants down and her breasts exposed.

More than three hours after the initial stop, both Mondanaro and Thomas took a breathalyzer test. Mondanaro's BAC was under the legal limit, but Thomas' was .145. The legal limit in Florida is .08.

They were both charged with DUI, exposing sex organs, and unnatural and lascivious act. Mondanaro was also charged with resisting without violence, while Thomas was additionally charged with a making a threat against a public official.

Both of them are being held without bond in the Nassau County Jail.

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