Couple asking for help finding motorcycle that honors deceased son


OWENSBORO, Ky. (WTHR) — Police in Kentucky are looking for a special motorcycle that was stolen this weekend.

Tiffany and Jerry Goodman told police that the white 2008 Harley Davidson was stolen from their yard early Sunday morning. The motorcycle is more than just a bike though.

There's a photo of Jerry Goodman Jr. on the bike that was stolen. (Courtesy: WFIE)

“It was more upsetting than the fact that it being a Harley or it being a bike. It’s a memorial bike for our son that got murdered going on seven years ago," Tiffany told WFIE.

Their son, Jerry Goodman Jr., was murdered in a road rage incident that happened about seven years ago.

The bike has memorial sticker and a picture of their son on it, WFIE reported. Tiffany and Jerry bought the bike after Jerry Jr.'s passing because Jerry Jr. said he always wanted to get his dad a Harley.

A reward will be given to whoever finds the bike.

Anyone with information should contact Owensboro Police Department at (270) 687-8888.