Councilor convicted of battery on a child is now accused of violating probation

Jeff Miller (Photo: IMPD)
Jeff Miller probation
Jeff Miller's probation

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Former Indianapolis City-County Councilor Jeff Miller is accused of violating his probation.

He pleaded guilty in August to four counts of battery on a child, was given four years probation and resigned his seat on the council.

According to the probation department, part of his sentencing meant he could "not participate in any activity which involves children under 16." He also can not have contact with a child under the age of 16 unless approved by the court.

The accusation came after an officer received an email from a person reporting they had seen Miller at Scare in the Square, which is a trick-or-treating family event in Fountain Square.

Miller filed a response with the court denying he violated the conditions of his probation.

He says that after the sentencing hearing, the court clarified terms of his probation. Miller writes, "the court explained that these terms were not intended to prohibit 'incidental contact' with children."

Miller included a transcript of the judge at the time of the sentencing explaining that the contact limitations are intended to prevent contact where a relationship could be formed and not prevent him from daily activities.

A hearing is scheduled for December 17 to discuss the alleged probation violations.

Miller was charged last November after two young female friends of Miller's son told child sex crime detectives Miller had inappropriately touched them in his home.

As part of the plea agreement, three charges of child molestation were dropped.

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