Costco named best company to work for in 2018


(WTHR) – Costco has the best company culture among large businesses with more than 500 employees, according to a 2018 study.

Costco was ranked number one in best company culture among 50 other companies like Facebook, Starbucks, Google and Chick-fil-A.

The ratings come from Comparably, where employees can provide anonymous feedback on a variety of workplace culture questions ranging from work environment to compensation and leadership.

At least 50 Costco employees participated in the study.

"When you look at Costco, they overwhelm employees with benefits and employees feel like they're part of a family," Jason Nazar, CEO and founder of Comparably, told USA Today.

According to Costco's website, employee benefits include health care, dental care, 401(k) plan, life insurance and more. In addition, employees "also may elect coverage for their spouses, children and domestic partners."

Costco snatched the top rating spot from last year's winner, Google.