Coroner's office responds to department audit

Marion County Coroner's Office (WTHR photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - The Marion County’s Coroner’s Office issued a scathing response Thursday following the release of an agency audit.

The 24-page report released by the Office of Audit & Performance found 11 infractions of county and department policy.

Among the issues the audit identified were workers using a county vehicle, but not having any documentation of car insurance or valid drivers' licenses; and that unclaimed items from decedents, like cash and jewelry, weren’t being turned over to the county treasurer or sheriff’s office.

The coroner's office fired back as they try to keep up with mounting cases and autopsies. They say their staff is overworked and underpaid and recently lost three deputy coroners because of pay.

While no one from the office would do an interview, in an email, the chief deputy coroner said they've been portrayed as "poorly managed, or mismanaged,” but with 11 infractions for their more than 1,000 policies and procedures, they "hold their heads up high."

They do say, however, the audit shed light on areas they weren't aware and they've already begun work on correcting some of the issues.