Connersville family files federal lawsuit against Jared Fogle, Russell Taylor and his wife

Jared Fogle

A Connersville family has filed a lawsuit against former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle and Russell and Angela Taylor for $150,000 in damages for violation of privacy and emotional distress. Russell Taylor is the former head of the Jared Foundation.

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The victim is listed as "Jane Doe" in court documents because she is a minor. Her parents filed the lawsuit on the minor's behalf and claim Russell took nude pictures of her with hidden cameras, distributed them to Fogle, and that Angela Taylor -- Russell Taylor's wife -- knew about it.

The documents say that "Jane Doe" visited Taylor's Indianapolis home several times between March of 2011 and January of 2015. The court filing claims Taylor used multiple hidden cameras to "capture various minors, including 'Jane Doe' changing clothes, showering, bathing or engaging in other personal and private activities not intended to be observed or viewed by others."

In the filing, the attorney says "Jane Doe had a reasonable expectation of privacy, physical solitude and seclusion while changing clothes, showering, bathing, or engaging in other personal and private activities while in the private quarters at the Taylor residence."

The suit seeks $150,000 from Jared Fogle and $150,000 from the Taylors. The attorney for "Jane Doe" confirms she is one of the 14 victims Fogle previously agreed to pay $100,000 as part of a plea deal.

Her attorney says in the suit, "Jane Doe has and will continue to suffer severe emotional distress and personal injuries."

Fogle pleaded guilty in November to one count each of distributing and receiving child porn and traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a child. He was sentenced to 188 months (15 years, 8 months) and is currently being held at a minimum security prison in Littleton, Colo.

Russell Taylor, the former head of Jared Fogle's charitable foundation, accepted a plea deal in the case, agreeing to plead guilty to 12 counts of child exploitation plus one count of distributing and receiving child pornography through an alleged conspiracy with Jared Fogle.

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