Connecting with Community: Danny's Closet of Hope


In a small room, with everything perfectly organized, thousands of lives have been changed.

You've just stepped into Danny's Closet of Hope, that is so much more than suits, shirts and shoes.

"When I see a man come in, I think about St. Vincent's mission, which says that we are rooted in the loving ministry of Jesus as healer. I think about a suit healing a man, I think about that suit, that fits him from head-to-toe and makes him stand up tall," said Linda Nunley, who runs Danny's Closet.

For Linda, that healing is personal. Danny's Closet is named after her son, who was murdered at the age of 29 in 2002.

"One life was taken, but 5,000 or more and continuing on has been affected in a positive way. Danny was a person that always liked to give back, he liked to help people, he was a jokester, he liked dressing sharp, so to know that even though he's gone his death wasn't in vain. God had a purpose, god had a purpose," Nunley said.

Linda carries out giving back, by personally greeting and fitting clients re-entering the job force, like Hubert Hibbler.

"It makes you grow two inches taller. It's a good experience and especially when we're talking about going back into the workforce, interviewing and preparing for interviews, it's a confidence booster," Hibbler said.

Linda understands what that confidence boost means.

"What an awesome way to uplift men, what an awesome way to empower men, and to remind them that they are the priest, provider and protectors of their home and of our communities," she said. "I'm a firm believer that if we uplift the men we change a generation. They walk in slouched, but they walk out standing taller and feeling good, and feeling confident about who they are. That way they can represent the skills that they have when they go to their interviews."

Danny's Closet isn't just about the clothes, it's about so much more.

"Sometimes it just takes my breath away, to see a man come in and tell me at the age of 50 that they've never had on a suit before, or to tell me at the age of 35, 'I wish my dad could see me,' or 'The first time I ever wore a tie or learned how to tie a tie was here at Danny's Closet.'"

Danny's Closet, a room filled with clothing that doesn't come to life until it fits the man it will serve. Most of the articles of clothing you see at Danny's Closet are gently used donations.

These are some of the are some of the items you may have in your closet that can help.

  • Business suits (preferably in black)
  • Blazers
  • Dress slacks
  • Long sleeve dress shirts (preferably in white)
  • Dress shoes
  • Dress belts
  • Dress ties (emphasis on red)
  • New dress socks and underwear
  • Business portfolios

All of the donated items are professionally dry cleaned by Fabric Care. Any sized suit is appreciated, however, they also need suits sizes 48 and above.

Suited for Purpose fundraiser