Companies offering expanded benefits to new parents, families


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Eli Lilly is making it easier for new moms and dads to stay home with their babies and still bring home a paycheck.

The Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical company just announced it's enhancing its parental leave benefits starting January 1.

New parents, including biological mothers, fathers and their partners as well as adoptive and foster parents, will be able to take 10 paid weeks off work.

A birth mother will get another 8 weeks off for recovery giving her 18 paid weeks off with baby.

In addition to that time all new parents may take another 10 weeks of unpaid leave.

Some other companies in town offer similar benefits, like Salesforce. They offer primary caregivers 26 weeks of paid time off.

Salesforce also gives secondary caregivers 12 weeks of paid time off. They also have a gradual return to work policy for new parents.

Borshoff, an advertising and public relations agency in Indianapolis, has a bring your baby to work program for new parents. Those moms and dads get to bring their babies to work from the time they are six weeks old to six months old.

They'll then work a slightly reduced schedule to give them time to take care of their baby while in the office.

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