Community table dedicated in honor of diners who struck up friendly conversation

(Photo: Amanda Marquell Craft)
Community table
Table dedicated to act of kindness

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) — It was a moment seen by millions around the country and focused on two strangers at a Noblesville McDonald's restaurant.

It has now inpsired a "communal table" at several central Indiana restaurants.

It started when a woman named Jan asked to sit with Eric Haralson. The two began talking and laughing as teachers nearby took a picture of the beautiful exchange.

In honor of that moment, Eric and Vanessa Moore, who own and operate the Noblesville McDonald's, dedicated a table to the two diners.

"Our goal is to encourage other customers to find time to really just enjoy life and enjoy the meal. So, we're hoping by having the table is simply a reminder to other customers that, yes, you can probably meet someone here that you like to spend time with," said Vanessa Moore.

A plaque on "The Community Table" reads, "We are all one community. And so we dedicate this table to enjoying a meal with a friend, old or new!" It also honors Jan and Eric.

The communal table won't just be at the Noblesville store, but at the 14 locations the Moores own, hoping the idea will spread.

“Jan and Eric have inspired me to ask others to take the time from their busy lives, and sit down and enjoy a meal with someone,” Eric Moore said. “McDonald’s has always been one of America’s favorite family restaurants, and we want to invite everyone to become part of something bigger than all of us.”