Community searching for hardware store thieves

(New Pal Hardware)
HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) - People in Hancock County are trying to find out who took charcoal, trash cans and more from a local hardware store.

In surveillance video from outside New Palestine Hardware, you see a car drive up, two men getting out and then they start taking things and putting them in their car. the alleged theft happened Monday night.

Owner Rob Walker says it's hard to calculate the total cost of everything that was taken, since the thieves took items from all around the outside the store. He says it's frustrating to have this happen in a town like his.

“Things can be replaced,” said Walker. “I'm thankful my employee is safe. That's number one. Then I'm kind of sad for our town. I've grown up in this town. My family's been here for generations. That we have this kind of thing happening, it's just kind of sad.”

Since this happened, Walker says people from the community have reached out, sharing the video and trying to come up with leads about who those people are. He says they may bring some merchandise inside, but still plan to keep a lot of it outside. They have 64 cameras around the building, so he says hopefully that's a deterrent in the future.

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