Communities with holiday activities are also planning for heat

Take heat precautions
Staying cool

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - It is already blistering hot and it promises to stay that way at least through Saturday.

There are some things you can do to keep cool.

If you are downtown, you can hang out at the canal. If you are in Fishers, you may want to start at the beach.

This is perfect beach weather and while Fishers may not be known as a beachfront community, it does have a beach and Saxony Beach could be the best place to be this weekend.

If you are more into a parade and the fireworks then downtown Fishers may be where you belong.

"We anticipate upwards of 20,000 people will be here throughout the day, from our 5K in the morning to our street fair and the parade to fireworks in the evening," Fishers Deputy Mayor Leah McGrath told us.

The big question here, since the beach is on the other side of town, is how will people stay cool and hydrated.

"We will have misting stations like that throughout as well. We urge people to be smart. Stay hydrated, bring water and we will have water here for you," she continued.

And that is not all. Fishers has also set up a special place for young mothers to go if they need to cool off at Citizens State Bank.

"They have converted one of their conference rooms into a young mothers lounge," McGraff added.

In fact, the transformation was taking place when we stopped by. IKEA is sponsoring the family lounge which should prove to be popular.

"The city really wanted to have a place where families could come get out of the heat relax a little bit in the air conditioning and do what young families with children need to do," John DeLucia from Citizens State Bank.

And it all gets underway Friday night after things cool off with a concert by Sugar Ray. That starts at 8:00 p.m. at Saxony Park, right by the beach.

There will be activities throughout central Indiana starting tonight and running through the weekend.

Greenwood's celebration gets officially underway Saturday with the parade, which has changed a little bit this year.

It will have misters and water stops around the downtown park but the city decided to take another step in dealing with the heat by opting to condense some of the activities.

"That is why we actually cut it. The parade was originally at 10 so we are trying to cut it down some by starting the parade at noon. Downtown festivities start at 1pm. It goes all through the afternoon but there are breaks where we know a lot of our local residents are coming. They will be able to take that break go home and cool off and come back again for the fireworks," Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers said

It's safe to say no matter what you plan to do this weekend, you should make water a big part of it.

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