Colts fans react to coaching hire

Frank Reich poses with this new contract to coach the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, February 11, 2018. (Image courtesy Colts/Twitter)
Fan reaction to Colts head coach pick
Fans react to Frank Reich hiring
Colts fans happy about about Frank Reich hiring

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Colts fans left with a bad taste after Josh McDaniels spurned them are welcoming the guy who beat McDaniels in the Super Bowl with open arms. Even if they aren't sure exactly who he is.

A lot of fans we talked to Sunday night said they had never heard of Frank Reich. However, the former offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles will be the next coach for the Colts.

Reich spent time in Indy before on Tony Dungy's and Jim Caldwell’s coaching staffs. But the biggest positive for fans was Reich's win over the McDaniels and the Patriots last week in the Super Bowl.

“I hope he can continue to beat the Patriots like he has a couple of weeks ago,” said Thor Whitlock.

Ultimately fans say they expect results. Soon.

“I’m just ready for a new start. I’m a big Colts fan, but they need to start winning again,” said Kim Brooks.

"I think the Colts have a good offense they have a good quarterback with Andrew Luck," said Nick Floyd. "I think if he can stay healthy, we should have a good offense."

Reich has already signed his contract to take the position. After the debacle following the announcement of Josh McDaniels, football fans were, of course, careful not celebrate prematurely.

But this time, the team made absolutely sure the deal was done and the contract was signed before making the announcement. They even provided photographic evidence.

Reich was previously on the Colts coaching staff from 2006 until 2011. Former and current players and coaches showed support for his move back to Indianapolis.

The team plans on making a formal introduction on Tuesday.