Colts fans in Nashville for win-and-you're-in game

(WTHR Photo: Jennie Runevitch)

NASHVILLE (WTHR) – Sunday night's Colts game is big. No doubt about it.

They win against the Tennessee Titans, and they're in the playoffs - something the team and fans couldn't imagine after such a rough start to the season.

Those high stakes, the primetime focus, and the relatively easy trip down I-65 brought a lot of Colts fans to Nashville this weekend to hopefully watch the team secure a spot in the playoffs, in person.

They call it Music City for a reason.

And Nashville's hitting all the right notes for Colts fans, right down to a flag they spotted flying proud in enemy Titan territory, outside one of the dozens of bars with live bands Saturday night.

"That's the first thing my husband noticed. I was like you have to get a picture," said Blue Crew secretary Shannon Sylvester.

The Sylvesters had bought their tickets to this game early in the season.

They like traveling to Nashville.

But even more members of the Blue Crew decided to drive to Nashville now because of the magnitude this game as taken on.

They want to witness a win-and-you're-in Sunday night match-up, in person.

"Absolutely I'm excited," said Blue Crew member Monica Myslinski. "We're predicting a big win here!"

"Now it's the biggest game of the year and we're all here. And it's gonna be fun. It's gonna be a blast," added Blue Crew member Scott Sylvester.

It's a fun weekend that includes more than football for fans who made the drive here.

This city has legends, songs and spirits on every corner: the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash Museum, the Pasty Cline Museum and the mother church of country music - the Ryman Auditorium, all downtown within a few blocks.

Plus every night, the sound of new Nashville comes alive on Broadway, Music City's main drag.

"We love it here. There's so much music on Broadway," Scott Sylvester said.

"It's so much fun. There's so much to do," Shannon Sylvester said. "Barbecue, music, like I don't know how late we'll be tonight!"

On every stage, there's undiscovered talent looking to make it big - a little like our Colts team this year.

"Well I don't think anyone figured we were gonna be here," Scott Sylvester said.

It's a special group of players in a very big game and these fans will be here to see it.

The Blue Crew has a tailgate outside Nissan Stadium on Sunday.

Eyewitness News will be there with them leading up to kickoff on Channel 13.