Colts fans dressed up, fired up on Blue Friday

Employees at Prime Distribution Services in Plainfield have a St. Elmo dinner riding on a spirit contest with their colleagues in Kansas City.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – An Indianapolis Colts jersey served as a popular work uniform on this Blue Friday in central Indiana.

No matter where you work, you probably saw people wearing Colts gear or at least something blue. Colts fans are working for the weekend, dressed up and fired up for Saturday’s playoff game in Kansas City against the Chiefs (4:35 p.m. WTHR).

Even before the sun came up Friday, Colts fans were feeling blue - literally - getting hugs and kisses from the Colts mascot to go with free donuts and coffee at Dunkin' locations in Carmel and Greenwood.

Julie Walker had no problem getting her family out of bed early to warm up their cheers for Saturday's game.

"I did not even like football before I moved to Indianapolis,” said Walker, who stopped in the Carmel Dunkin’ decked out in Colts gear with her husband and two sons. “Peyton Manning kind of got us involved in football. It's kind of like we can't stop. Obviously, I bought all this stuff so we could wear it to games and when we go out to eat."

“Colts fever,” chimed in Julie’s husband, Jeff.

The fever spread to Prime Distribution Services in Plainfield, where employees at the massive warehouse competed this week in a spirit challenge against the company's division based in Kansas City.

"Just to create some energy and enthusiasm between the two divisions and to see who could generate the most excitement,” said Bill Vechiarella, Prime Distribution Services president. “We're based here in a 1.2-million-square-foot-facility with over 400 employees. We feel like we've got this."

68,000 pallets of packaged food and health and beauty products sit in the warehouse, which ships out 500 loads a week to Walmart and Sam’s Club stores across the country.

The Plainfield and Kansas City divisions will submit videos of the team spirit to the corporate marketing department to decide the winner. Kansas City barbecue or Indianapolis St. Elmo Steakhouse dinners are riding on the outcome.

"Everybody's just been like, 'Let's do this',” said Theresa Catt, who has worked at Prime Distribution Center for four years. “Moods are great. We're just ready for them to win."

More Colts fans lined up for a free slice of pizza at a lunch rally downtown in the lobby of the Salesforce Tower. A fan who calls himself “Legion of Blue” put on his game face paint and an armor suit with spikes on the shoulders.

"My pride for the Colts. I love the team. I love what they're about. Believe in Blue."

The “1-0” Colts team mantra t-shirts that went on sale Thursday sold out in just one day at both Colts Pro Shop locations downtown. The stores do not expect any more to be available until next week. If the Colts win, a much big order will be placed.