Colts fans disappointed, but optimistic following playoff loss

(WTHR Photo: Allen Carter/Twitter)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – Despite the snowy weather in Indianapolis, Colts fans packed bars Saturday night to cheer on the home team.

Unfortunately, the Colts season came to an end in the second round of the NFL Playoffs.

“It’s kind of been a letdown. I was hoping that we would play better even if we didn’t win,” said Nicole Steber.

There were moments of hope and optimism, but the Colts could never get their footing against the Chiefs.

While it’s not the ending they wanted, fans say it’s hard to call a season like this anything but a success.

“Not the greatest ending man but it’s been a good year. I am proud of this team. They fought their way back. Showed a lot of class. A 1-and-5 start we fought our way to the playoffs. We won a playoff game,” said Randy Collins.

“This game in-of-itself is disappointing but the season as a whole, pretty happy with them making the playoffs,” said Seth Jackson.

Many fans say they are already looking forward to next year.

“I am really hopeful for next year. I think we are in a good place I think next year is going to be even better,” said Steber.