Colts fan gets dying wish


If anyone has an excuse to feel blue, it's Danny Webber.  Danny was the man in the blue hat, blue hair, sporting blue face paint, wearing a blue shirt and sitting under a blue blanket.

He was on the sidelines for what he knows will be the last time he sees the Colts play in person. Webber is dying of cancer. The look on the faces of his friends tell you his time is very short 

"He likes to say 'only God knows,'" said Heritage House activity director Myranda Hartwell, who came with Danny to Sunday's Colts-Jaguars game.

Instead of just waiting on the almighty, Webber set out a final wish - to see a Colts game at Lucas Oil Stadium. Heritage House, the senior community where Webber lives, helped secure some tickets.

When the Colts heard about Webber's wish, they upgraded Danny with better tickets and a sideline pass. 

On Sunday, Webber spent the morning gleefully meeting team executives, coaches and players. Star quarterback Andrew Luck gave Webber a handshake, a word of encouragement and an autographed football.

At that moment, Danny was the happiest man in the building and overcome with emotion.

It created a moment bigger than sport. True colors emerged from a fan and a franchise. Feeling blue never looked so good.

How happy did this day make a dying man? Webber couldn't fully answer that question through his tears of joy.