Closing arguments could start Friday in Willie Wilson murder trial

Willie Wilson
Willie Wilson trial 6pm
Willie Wilson murder trial - 5pm

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Closing arguments are likely to begin Friday morning in the Willie Wilson murder trial. Prosecutors say they hope to finish making their case to the jury by Thursday evening.

Wilson claims his baby son Delano was abducted in 2014. Investigators say there are witnesses and video surveillance that contradict his story. They believe Wilson killed his six-week-old son, then hid the body. The child's remains were never found despite extensive searches.

On the last day Delano was seen alive, Wilson claimed that someone attacked him and took the baby.

Weeks after his baby disappeared, Wilson, with the help of Eyewitness News, worked with an artist to create sketches of the couple he said robbed him and abducted his son.

"This is exactly it. It has me in tears," Wilson said at the time.

But in court Thursday, Detective Greg Hagan told jurors the man and woman strongly resembles characters from the popular video game Grand Theft Auto. The detective testified the game was playing on the television when they searched the family's home for the baby and clues to his disappearance.

In 2014, Wilson claimed he was robbed and pistol-whipped in an alley near the home, by a man and woman who took his child. Detectives found it odd they didn't take his cell phones and wallet.

Earlier this week, a police officer and paramedic both testified Willie Wilson didn’t look hurt. He had no cuts or bruises, and there was no evidence he was attacked and pistol-whipped.

Prosecutors say witnesses, security camera videos, and other evidence contradict Wilson's story.

Investigators collected a great deal of circumstantial evidence, but no body, no murder weapon and no witness to the alleged murder. To prove murder, prosecutors worked to eliminate accidental or natural causes of death.

"I was told Delano was a healthy baby," Hagan testified.

But a medical expert testifying for the state, when cross examined by Wilson's attorney, conceded that without a body to examine, he couldn't rule out anything.