"Clear the Shelters" project, giving pets new homes


Coming up Saturday, July 23rd is this year's "Clear the Shelters" project where the goal is giving all shelter animals a new home.

Adorable kitties will likely spend most of their time indoors but when it comes to puppies they love going outside! 

But because they can lose their collars with their tag, you might consider a micro-chip.  Winifred got one. "It's okay. almost done. All done! 

"It's a momentary little prick maybe, but most animals don't even respond that it happened to him and it's a lifetime of assurance to you that you'll never lose your animal," explains Animal Haven Executive Director Tiffany Lacey.

She says it's important to keep the contact information updated and to have a picture of you and your pet. If it gets lost, Jane Hoffman, president of the Alliance for New York City's Animals suggests this: "You should post that in vet offices, in pet food stores, in any business that will allow you to, and don't give up hope."

You can check the "Lost and Found" section of the Animal Care Centers' website. 

During these dog days of summer, Hoffman said, "Dogs and cats don't sweat like human beings do. They can't get the heat off as well as we human beings do. Also remember, they're nearer to the sidewalk than you are. There's heat radiating up. It can burn their paws, and you should try to wet them down with water. And if, god forbid, you see them drooling, panting heavily, becoming a little disoriented, they need to get out of the sun and the heat immediately."

Remember to spay or neuter your pet. "It's free or low-cost. people really need to look into that to help us get over this crisis," said Hoffman.