City patrols keeping an eye out for scooters parked dangerously

New regulations require electric scooters to be parked out of the way with the kickstand down.
Scooter Inspections
Scooter parking rule enforcement

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Several crews in Indianapolis are on the streets, making sure people on scooters are following the rules of the road.

Inspectors with the Indianapolis Department of Business and Neighborhood Services are keeping an eye on where the scooters are being parked.

"It seemed kind of messy," said Bri Napier, who lives in Indianapolis, about the way she saw scooters when they were first introduced around downtown. "They seemed to be in a lot of random spots. People were just leaving them places."

After that, city leaders banned the scooters until they could lay down some ground rules. Now, scooters must be parked standing up with the kickstand down and have plenty of space for people to walk around. They're also not allowed to be parked in the right of way where people drive their cars, which includes alleys. BNS inspectors are on patrol during the week and on weekends, making sure scooters are parked in precise places.

"We're working with the companies," said Dimitri Kyser, who is the public information officer for the city's BNS department. "They're doing their part, so we're all working together, which is what we really want."

Kyser says for the most part, things have been going smoothly.

"Hoosiers, they're very well-informed about what needs to take place, what they need to do in order to be good stewards in the community," said Kyser.

They do see some exceptions. When the inspectors find scooters that are parked incorrectly, they write down notes and take pictures of the scooters in question to send back to the company that owns them. Then they're moved back to a safe spot.

"Just keeps the walkways looking nice, so I think that's a great idea," said Napier.

You can report any scooters that are in the way or non-compliant by calling the Mayor's Action Center. To find out more information, click here.

You can also report the scooters directly to the company that owns them by calling the number on the scooter.

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