City-County Council still in turmoil as Democrats meet to pick candidates


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Members of the embattled City-County Council are working to right the ship after another roller-coaster of a week. They slapped the current council president with a lawsuit and now plan to oust him from office and pick a new leader.

The city-county council members we talked with say they're ready for all this drama to be over so they can get back to work. They don't feel like they can trust current president, Stephen Clay, so they're doing something about it.

That started with democrats voting Clay out of their caucus this week, including four people who voted for Clay as president and have changed their minds. Then they filed a lawsuit to reinstate the council clerk and attorney, who Clay fired last week. Clay told reporters they wrongfully destroyed city records and received raises, but we found out those accusations weren't true. Council Vice President Zach Adamson (D) cast a vote for previous council president Maggie Lewis last month, when she ran against Clay. He says getting rid of the clerk and attorney is making a major impact.

“The larger issue is really the games that have been played that have put the city at great risk with playing around with our committee chairs, public safety implications, work not being done,” said Adamson.

Clay has been tough to track down since the backlash started. We also didn't see him at a democratic slating event on Saturday morning. Adamson says he hopes things go back to normal after they pick a new president.

“It will be difficult, I believe at first,” said Adamson. “Hopefully he will be able to find a way to put the city first again and I think as long as he does that, we'll be able to work together.”

The council could oust Clay during a vote that's set for a week from Monday, on February 19. Council members on both sides of the aisle say they're looking for new presidential options, but we haven't heard any specifics on who those could be.

On Saturday, Adamson told us he expects more unity among the democrats this time around, instead of splitting the vote between Clay and Lewis, which is what happened to start all of this.