Circle of Lights light bulbs up for sale


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - You can own a piece of local Christmas history, but you have to act fast.

The bulbs from the Monument Circle Christmas Tree are once again for sale.

The traditional incandescent bulbs from Circle of Lights are being sold as organizers prepare to replace them with more eco-friendly LED lights (WTHR Photo/Matt McCutcheon)

The traditional incandescent bulbs are being replaced with all LED bulbs.

Fifty-two strands transform the Soldiers and Sailors Monument into a Christmas tree every year starting the Friday after Thanksgiving. A designer is turning them into ornaments and some of them are now available to buy for $25 each at the Carson's department store at Circle Centre Mall. Supplies are limited.

The lights are one of five colors, each honoring a different branch of of military service: green for Army, blue for Navy, red for Marines, white for Air Force and yellow for Coast Guard.