Cindy Stowell tops $100,000 in winnings as six-day "Jeopardy!" champ


Cindy Stowell's last wishes will be giving a big boost to cancer research.

The Austin, Texas native has won $103,803 in six days as "Jeopardy!" champion in episodes which were taped in August and are airing this week, just days after she passed away.

Cindy Stowell with Alex Trebek
Cindy Stowell with Alex Trebek (Photo: Jeopardy! via Jason Hess)

Stowell was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and was given just six months to live earlier this year. The Jeopardy! producers knew of her diagnosis and worked to push up her taping date once she qualified for the show, but her fellow contestants did not know.

She passed away last Monday, a little more than a week before her first episode aired Tuesday. In a tweet shortly after Stowell's death, her boyfriend revealed Cindy had a fever and was on painkillers when she competed.

Not that that was stopping her.

The science content developer was leading going into Final Jeopardy and was the only of the three contestants to get the correct question to the Final Jeopardy answer.

Her wager of $10,601 nearly doubled her total to nearly $23,000, which she said before her passing would be donated to cancer research.

Wednesday night, she missed the Final Jeopardy question, but so did her competition. Her wager left Stowell with $8,199 for a two-day total of $31,000.

On Thursday, Stowell headed into Final Jeopardy in third place, but was the only contestant to correctly ask "What is 'Mad Men'?" to the Final Jeopardy answer about New York City television shows. She won $8,600 on Thursday's show, bringing her three-day total to $39,600.

Stowell was back Friday and dominated the competition, winning $15,400 to become a four-day champion with total winnings exceeding $62,000.

On Monday, she fell into the red after the first round, but led heading into Final Jeopardy, and was the only person to get the answer right, earning another $18,000 to put her over the $80,000 mark on Day Five.

The next night, Stowell was again the only contestant to get Final Jeopardy correct, turning $13,600 into $23,801 and pushing her winnings over the $100,000 mark during her run on the show.