Cigna caps insulin costs at $25 for qualifying clients

An Eli Lilly spokesperson said numerous factors are considered when pricing insulin, including the cost to produce the product, required expertise, and scientific and medical preciseness. ( Photo/Katie Stancombe)

BLOOMFIELD, Conn. (WTHR) — Health insurance company Cigna and pharmacy benefit company Express Scripts have launched a program that will keep out-of-pocket costs for insulin at $25 per 30-day prescription.

The Patient Assurance Program is available to Cigna members in non-government funded pharmacy plants managed by Express Scripts.

According to Cigna, the average out-of-pocket cost for customers with insulin plans managed by Express Scripts was $41.50 for a 30-day supply in 2018.

"For people with diabetes, insulin can be as essential as air," said Cigna executive vice president Steve Miller. "We need to ensure these individuals feel secure in their ability to afford every fill so they don't miss one dose."

The out-of-pocket cost includes deductibles, copays or conisurance. The insurance company said in most cases, patients will see lower costs without any increases in the plan premium.

Miller said he believes the new program will remove at least one barrier — cost — for people enrolled in plans who need insulin.

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