Church holds final mass after 108 years

The Holy Angel Church at 28th & MLK has held services for 108 years.

INDIANAPOLIS - A near northwest side church is closing its doors after more than a century of service.

Sunday Mass at Holy Angel Church began the same way as it has for the last 100 years, with members steadily piling in. A beautiful, cloudless sky greeted parishioners as they entered the church, perched atop a hill at 28th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

A sign on the outside reads "Outsiders Welcome" and churchgoers reiterate that message.

"We are a beacon of hope here," says Adonis Hardin, a member for over 50 years. "This is a place where everyone can come to when you are in need."

But after today, people will not be able to come to service at Holy Angel. After opening its doors 108 years ago, the church will close its doors. The wooden church has endured many structural issues over the years, including mold, leaks and decaying walls.

"Our church is falling apart," says Reggie Ash, a member for 25 years. "Our church is depleting and needed a lot of things."

Ash is one of many longtime members of the church. Many in attendance have been going to Holy Angel for anywhere from 30-50 years.

The exuberant and spiritual atmosphere hit an emotional peak as the service drew to a close. Members started to tear up as the reality struck them.

"It hit me today when reality sunk in and this is our last day here," says Lisa Tender-Taylor, a churchgoer for 48 years. "I just couldn't believe it, that our last day is going to be here because I was married here, it's kind of a little personal touch."

While the building may not function as a place to worship, the congregation will continue its Sunday mass at Marian University.

"The building has served it's purpose so I'm ready and willing to move forward," says Hardin. "It's going to be a journey, but it's a journey that we at Holy Angel are willing and ready to take."