Christopher Byrne sentenced in Johnson County case

Byrne arrested
Byrne sentenced

FRANKLIN, Ind. (WTHR) - The man is at the center of a suspected terrorism plot involving Greenwood Park Mall was sentenced Friday on a felony gun and theft conviction.

Christopher Byrne had been charged with stealing weapons and other items from a police car.

A judge ordered Byrne to 5 years at the Department of Correction, where he'll serve at least 42 months before probation. He is also facing federal charges.

Byrne didn't comment today as deputies escorted him to court.

After crashing his car in Greenwood, police found stolen police gear in the vehicle, including a badge and weapons.

Byrne reportedly had bomb-making materials and the names and addresses of a judge, police officers and even threatened the deputy prosecutor and his family.

"We were disturbed when he was stopped on August 15th because of what he had in his car," said deputy prosecutor Bob Seet. "We didn't know if he was going to do something at the mall, and subsequently we found out that he had researched the judges address and mapped it on his phone. I cannot guarantee he was going to do it, but he had prepared to go murder people."

The judge ordered Byrne held in the Johnson County jail for now. Deputies expect federal officers to take custody of him because of the stolen police gear case.

If convicted on the federal level, after Byrne completes his sentence in this case, he could remain behind bars to do even more time.

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