Children's hospital to be named after Peyton Manning

St. Vincent Children's Hospital

Phil Scott/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - On Wednesday afternoon came a new focus for Peyton Manning, just hours before his big game.

"I'm here because I had my tonsils taken out."

Most kids get ice cream after a tonsillectomy. Nine-year-old Taylor Howell of Tell City rolled away with a hat, bracelet, balloons, ceramic footballs and a picture of a Peyton Manning look-a-like.

A few minutes earlier, it was the living version who transformed Taylor's trip at the children's hospital Peyton's been visiting for ten years.

"I'm here today (Wednesday) because Indiana is my wife, Ashley, and my home and the children of this state are the echoes of the future not yet defined," said Manning. "I'm humbled to have my name associated with this fine hospital system."

The renaming follows discussions that started after the Super Bowl, along with a sizable donation. Manning wants to keep the amount private.

"Just wonderfully cute children here today that I know are sick," said Archie Manning, Peyton's dad. "We just pray that somehow all of this will help them get better."

Taylor's feeling better. Just being at the hospital for the most important opening day to him.

"He's not a big football fan," said Keith Howell, Taylor's dad, "but he likes Peyton Manning. That's the football player he does know. I'm sure he's very proud of that. He got his tonsils out at the Peyton Manning's Children's Hospital."

As for Manning's donation, a hospital source said to look in the neighborhood of $50 million. That's what Mel Simon donated to get his name on the Clarion Cancer Center, a project about the same size as Peyton Manning's Children's Hospital.