In Chiefs Kingdom, fan loyalty among Fort Leavenworth residents is mixed

Divided team loyalties
Colts Camaro In KC

FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kansas (WTHR) - The Indianapolis Colts are ready to hit the road, preparing for what's sure to be a cold game on Saturday.

Fans are already arriving in Kansas City.

We talked with fans about 50 miles north, at Fort Leavenworth, where divided team loyalties are part of life.

The 6,000 people who live here are from all over the country, so it's no surprise to find are fans representing Colts Country in the Chiefs' Kingdom

"It's a tough job being a Colts fan when you don't live in Indianapolis," said Mona Miller. "I'm a military spouse so we don't live in Indianapolis, there's not a military base there. I've been to Arizona, Colorado and now here, so it's a little rough, but it's fun."

There is the typical fan bravado, but expressing your differences and team loyalty is welcome here.

Ken Wilson moved from Indy more than 20 years ago and his allegiance is evident in his game prediction.

"I'm looking at 21-17 Colts," Wilson said.

And Chiefs fans respect the Colts now and the horseshoe's recent history of winning playoff match-ups.

They explain the loud crowd comes from a fan base that crosses state lines.

"It goes well beyond Kansas City, goes into Missouri and all through Kansas, Nebraska, there's just a great following behind the Chiefs, so we're really fired up to have this home game," said fan Ted Staver.

But their promise is, come game day, Colts fans will be welcome.