Chef Kevin Essett offers Hoosiers a private and intimate "culinary experience" at home


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Kevin Esset is a self-taught musician.

The minister composed a song "Healing in His Wings," which was born from a personal health challenge. While his music feeds the soul, so does his food!

"I consider myself to be the sauce king," Essett said.

His love for cooking growing up is now a career.

"I've actually not done much advertising at all. It's just been word of mouth."

And people from all over are loving his cuisine.

Customer Orlando Jordan said, "The food is always delicious. I've never had a bad dish from Chef Essett."

Chef Esset's culinary talents were recognized three years ago when he made it through to the top 100 around the world for the show Master Chef.

"I know Gordon Ramsey is going to be looking at this plate," he said in a YouTube video clip of his tryout.

"I'm always pushing the envelope, trying to develop a new flavor, or a new sauce or trying something different so it's kind of a forward march for me."

"I'm always pushing to envelope trying to develop a new flavor or a new sauce or trying something different."

While he prays for his own show someday, he's now the star of his own catering business. You can also book your private party for an exclusive dining experience at your home or his. It's an intimate setting with exposed brick and a baby grand piano and musical guests like acclaimed Indy saxophonist Bryan Thompson, who sets the mood for the food.

The key lime pie is the number one dessert.

"I'm taking the key lime pie and fusing it with the chocolate cake that I do so you can have kind of the best of both worlds," Essett said.

And the loaded seafood pasta is a best seller.

He says, "You have lobster tails, some colossal shrimp."

WTHR's Andrea Morehead took her 11-year-old Ean with her. He loves watching cooking shows and pretends he's a judge.

"Out of five stars how many would you give him?" asked Andrea.

Ean said, "6 and a half!"

Breaking bread with each other can lead to sharing personal and intimate details.

"It was undoubtedly the most difficult period of my life."

Chef Essett is in a fight to live, battling throat cancer for a second time.

"I'm still shaking myself and trying to snap out of it because it's being liked sucked back into your worst nightmare."

But it's not stopping him from making others happy with his food and music that celebrate life.

"I just kept going," Essett said.

"You just go. You just go," said Andrea who's winning her fight against a recent breast cancer diagnosis.

Essett says, "In spite of it, and there were times when I was stuck and I paused, but you know, I just kept going."

The single "Healing in His Wings" will be available on iTunes and all musical platforms by the end of August. For more information about Chef Essett's private dining experiences: