Check Up 13 November---Free Men’s Health Risk Assessment

CheckUp 13: Men's health (Sunday 6PM report)
Checkup 13 Men's health risk assessment

Men admit they avoid going to see the doctor.

Data supports their reluctance. A survey from the American Academy of Family Physicians notes that nearly 30% of men wait "as long as possible" to see if they get better before seeking medical care or advice.

Kris Miller, 41, of Indianapolis, is like many men.

He love the Colts, time at the track and his family.

"I've got an 18 month old daughter gorgeous, Miller said. "I've got my family and customers and friends. I want to keep enjoying my life style and enjoy my life in general so of course I want to be able to stay healthy."

Miller also has a family history of diabetes and heart disease.

"Both of my grandfathers passed away from heart attacks" Miller said.

He understands wanting to avoid bad news.

"As a guy I think a lot of times we don't want to go to the doctor because we feel like...if I wait of couple of weeks it will get better. Those two weeks turn to a month and then one month turns in to two months," Miller said.

So to prevent procrastination, Miller schedules an appointment with his primary care physician Dr. Fadi Wehbi, every 12 months. Wehbi wishes more men followed Miller's lead.

"Most of the time men come when they are sick," Wehbi said. "If you have cholesterol, you don't have symptoms. The only symptom you are going to have is a heart attack or a stroke and then it's too late."

At the annual exam routine blood tests check for high cholesterol, diabetes, and elevated PSA's which can flag prostate cancer.

"We try to prevent the disease before it happens," Wehbi said.

The annual exam also includes a review of immunizations, weight and mental health. While Miller understands the psyche of staying home, he got over it.

"We are big strong guys. It's kind of a break against our ego if we go to the doctor because we can fix things and get things done. We don't necessarily need to go to the doctor...we can figure it out." Miller said. "The reality is if you are sick or something is wrong with your body you need to get to the doctor and get help."

To help you get started, Check Up 13 for November offers a free men's health risk assessment. To qualify you must be at least 35, and have not seen the doctor in the last 12 months. To register call the hotline at 1-866-824-3251. Or register online through midnight November 13th at this link:

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