CEO of USA Gymnastics grilled Wednesday on Capitol Hill


WASHINGTON (WTHR) - The new head of Indianapolis-based USA Gymnastics was grilled by members of Congress on Wednesday.

Kerry Perry, President and CEO of the organization, also gave details that we hadn't heard before from the organization.

The hearing aims to determine how the Olympic community is protecting athletes from sexual abuse.

Members of Congress wanted to know how bad the problem is in USA Gymnastics and what is being done.

USA Gymnastics disclosed there were 275 cases of inappropriate behavior or complaints filed in the first four months of this year. 78 of those went to the Center for Sexual Abuse.

That wasn't enough for some lawmakers.

“I haven't heard from any of you to say to the parents, to the children, to the grandparents ‘I'm sorry’ and that's despicable,” said Georgia Rep. Buddy Carter.

“Let me answer if I can,” said Perry.

“Answer what?” said Carter.

“I have said that I am sorry,” Perry said.

“If you don't want to say you're sorry, I don't want to talk to you and I'm reclaiming my time, ma'am, and I'm going to tell you this cannot be tolerated, Carter said.

There were also questions about whether background checks were done on coaches joining the organization. USA Gymnastics says it is in the process of doing that now.